One autumn evening I was looking over a websites with the cats. On one of the pictures I saw a beautiful creamy kitten with spectacular honey eyes. It was a love at first sight. ULFRIN from PerlaAnnaru*PL cattery began the greatest adventure of my life with these beautiful unique cats.


I bought it with the slightest hesitation from Mrs. Ania in Gorzow Wielkopolski. In November 2010 he moved with us. He brought to our house so much joy. Any activity performed by me in the house had to be controlled by the “inspector” Ulfrin. Is the floor carefully cleaned? It doesn’t matter, that he completely trampled it, while it was still wet. Are the windows not smeared? Is a carrot peeled quite accurately for a soup? Always following me around. For a good morning every day after work he greeted me with a raised tail and with already familiar for me mmmrrrriiiaaallll, which always sounded the same for welcome. He taught me his language. I thank him for it. We could start talking in his language. It was often a long minutes of constant exchange of information about what each of us did. We talked about our experiences from the whole day. There is no other pet in the world, which could sense the slightest deterioration of my moon with such an easiness and accuracy. He sat down close to me and with slightly hushed voice he “cooed” as he wanted to say: “It’s ok, tomorrow will be better day, you have me and I will always be there”. You know what? He always managed to get my moon better. He is the greatest animal friend, who always listens everything I want to say. He is calm, patient and understanding. What else can you ask for?

    Unfortunately, in March 2011 we experienced a tragedy. We were forced to put down our loved 16 year old bitch Mika. All of us: me with the children and Ulfrin as well, lived through it very much. Looking at the Ulfrinek, I could see a longing for his friend, lack of understanding why Mika’s place is empty. Lack of desire to play clearly showed how he misses her. At this moment I decided that it was time to wipe away the tears and think abut second kitten. I started to look over the websites again, until on one of them I saw a white fluffy cloud, looking at me from the screen with one blue eye, and the other – brown. I knew it! This is her. The cat, which must be mine. I bought Tami in Nannarella cattery near to Warsaw.



  At home there was a veritable madness. Ulfrin from the distinguish adult cat became a kitten in a huge 8 kg body. The best time to arrange a plays is a night 😉 Isn’t that right? It didn’t matter, that I was sleeping. In the pursuit of Tami nothing else mattered. He ran through the middle of the bed, just to catch her. It didn’t last long. Decision was made: “I want my own cattery!”. Now I need to roll my sleeves up and get to work.

Thank you Ania from Annaru*Pl for Ulfrinek – my fantastic friend.
Thank you Mr Mark from Nannarelli for Tami – a beautiful homely princess.

Beata with her bunch…